November 2014 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M

Once again I would like to thank everybody who participated in our 20th anniversary of Gasshuku (camp). We had great instructors and many participants from 12 different states. I am looking forward to seeing everyone who may be reading this newsletter at the next Gasshuku on October 2-4, 2015. Information will be placed on our website at early in 2015. In the meantime, please mark your calendar for this very exciting and unique event. (More 2014 Gasshuku pictures on page 6).

I would like to congratulate Shihan and Senpai McGavin (IMA North Fork) for their outstanding and well organized 7th annual tournament on October 11th in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was a lot of fun with many competitors and proved very safe because of IMA’s outstanding referees.

Also, I would like to wish the best of success to Mr. and Mrs. Niang who are hosting the 8th annual IMA Championship in Utah on November 8th.

Click this link to download the full PDF version of the November 2014 newsletter.

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