July 2014 Newsletter

A Note from Mr. M

Congratulations to the 21 karate-ka who participated in our dan examination, (Junior Black Belt to 3rd Degree Black Belt) on June 28th. (Please see the list of names on page 12). These individuals did a great job working very hard during the six hour test. We had students from ages 10 to 50 years old, with 9 males and 12 females testing and 20 black belts who came to show their support. I would like to thank Shihan Rick McGavin, Sensei Marius Gilca and Sensei Amadou Niang for preparing their students for this dan testing and for bringing them to the Honbu dojo. A job well done to all of you.

A special thank you goes out to Sensei Shanta Thokar for an outstanding job with organizing the 1st IMA championship in Kathmandu, Nepal with over 500 competitors and 50 national and Asian licensed referees. Special thanks to the president of Nepal Karate Federation for supporting my referee course and the IMA international championship. Also, special thanks to the IMA organizing committee, including IMA Nepal’s President, Mr. Ravi Gautam, Vice President, Mr. Krishna Shivakoti, Chief Instructor, Senpai Prakash Shrestha and General Secretary, Mr. Dhruba Bahadur who made our 1st IMA championship in Nepal extremely successful. Finally, thank you to Sensei Praveen Saini, representing IMA from Dehli, and Sensei Lalit Kumar from Punjab, for bringing more than 50 athletes and referees, traveling over 25 hours to get to Nepal.

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